An Easy Way To Increase Email Deliverability Rates

Increasing email deliverability rates should be a key component of your email marketing strategy.  If an email doesn’t reach your recipient’s inbox, they’re not going to be able to take action on your offer… no matter how good that offer is!

There are many ways to increase your email deliverability rates, and we’ll cover several in an upcoming List Building and Email Marketing Program podcast.  Right now, though, I’d like to share one of the easiest-to-implement strategies…


Dead simple, right?

Sending a plain-text email version at the same time you send your HTML email increases your deliverability rates for two reasons:

1. Sending the two versions side-by-side decreases your spam score

Because most spam is sent via HTML email, spam filters will add a point or two to your overall spam score just because you’re sending in the HTML format only.  When you add a plain-text email alongside the original, you don’t incur that penalty.  And a lower spam score means you’ll show up in more subscribers’ inboxes.

2. Some people still cannot receive HTML emails

Although the number is declining every day, there are still a number of people who, for various reasons, cannot view HTML emails.  It could be their email client or viewing mechanism doesn’t allow it.  It could be their company doesn’t allow the downloading of certain types of email.  Whatever the reason, if you send a plain-text version of your email with the original HTML version, you’ll increase the number of subscribers who can ultimately receive your email.

Adding a plain-text email is very easy.  In AWeber, simply highlight and copy the content of your HTML email you’re composing.  Then, paste it into the plain-text box underneath the HTML window.  Click the ‘Wrap Long Lines’ link and replace any hyperlinked text with the actual URL (remember to start each with http://).  That’s it!

It shouldn’t take you more than a minute or two to add a plain-text email each time you send a message to your list.  And the increased deliverability rates you’ll see more than makes up for the time invested!

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