Three Elements Of An Effective Call To Action

Do you have an effective call to action? If not, you’re losing conversions and leaving money on the table. An effective call to action is the icing on the cake.  It’s the final push your readers need to do the thing you want them to do.  Whether that’s making a purchase, signing up for something or just clicking over to your blog, if you don’t have a good call to action, all of the effort you put into writing your email can go to waste. So, what can you do to make your call to action more effective?  Pluralis has [...] Read more »

Don’t Start Your Emails With Re: Or Fw:

When it come to writing emails, we’re always looking for that one thing that will increase our open rates and engagement.  Recently, that ‘thing’ has been starting off your subject lines with Re: or FW: Here’s the problem:  Starting off your subject line with Re: is actually a violation of CAN-SPAM rules.  And starting off your subject line with FW: will often get your account suspended with many broadcasting services, like iContact. Why?  Let’s be honest… Re: and FW: are used to try and trick your subscriber into thinking the email they’re looking at is either a reply to something [...] Read more »

What Is The Most Effective Email Subject Line?

Having an effective email subject line is VERY important. If you don’t agree with me, think about this… Over 80% of the subscribers who receive your email will NOT open it if the subject line doesn’t compel them to do so If nobody is opening your email, then they’re never seeing the marketing message contained within They’re never clicking on the link to that awesome landing page you’ve created They’re NEVER buying whatever you’re selling. Think of your subject line as your one chance to hook them.  If you miss, they go away forever. THAT’S why having an effective email [...] Read more »

106 The Twelve Most Persuasive Words In Email Marketing (Part 2) – The List Building and Email Marketing Program

On our last episode, we began looking at the results of a renowned Yale University study on the twelve most persuasive words in the English language. This week, we’re going to reveal the top six.  We’ll go through them one by one, as well as why they’re so effective. Read more »

105 The Twelve Most Persuasive Words In Email Marketing (Part 1) – The List Building and Email Marketing Program

Marketing is a science, and one that has been studied for a very long time.  We know, for example, which words have the most impact on a potential customer.  When we incorporate those words into our email, the result is a higher conversion rate, and more profit. This week, we’re going to begin looking at the results of a Yale University study on the twelve most persuasive words in the English language.  Incorporate them into your business, and you could enjoy even greater success. Read more »

Three Ways To Optimize Your Email For Mobile

Studies have shown more people are now viewing their email on mobile devices than on their computers.  What does this mean for you?  It means you have to make sure your emails are optimized for these mobile devices, as well as desktop and laptop computers. Because of the wide range of mobile devices out there, there are different optimization rules for each.  However, here are a handful of rules that will work no matter which device your subscriber is using: 1. Reduce width to 550px wide Although some mobile devices simply reduce your email to the appropriate screen size, other [...] Read more »

The Top Five Reasons Your Emails Are Being Blocked

It’s incredibly frustrating to work so hard crafting the ‘perfect’ email, only to send it to a legitimate subscriber and have it blocked by their internet service provider. Even worse, they never know you sent it… and you never know it was block.  Poof!  it just goes away. Why do emails get blocked… and what can you do about it?  Here are the top five reasons (and solutions): 1. You’re Using Too Many Spam Trigger Words Words like, ‘sale,’ ‘discount,’ ‘free,’ or, even, ‘now’ are fine by themselves.  If too many of them appear in one email, though, you will [...] Read more »

Plain Text vs. HTML Email

One of the ongoing debates in the email marketing world is whether you should use plain text or HTML emails when you send a broadcast to your list. Each format has its advantages and disadvantages.  Let’s take a look… HTML Email         Advantages… More engaging Can use images Can cloak links Can track Open and Click Thru Rates         Disadvantages… Email’s appearance varies depending on browser/email program Higher percentage of emails blocked vs. plain text Some subscribers don’t download your images, so they don’t get the full message Plain Text Email         Advantages… Lower percentage blocked Text emails look the [...] Read more »