Do You Know What ‘Send Limits’ Are?

Send Limits are the numbers of recipients and/or total emails you can send from your Internet Service Provider over a defined time period.

For example, some ISPs (like Verizon) will not let you send the same email to more than 100 people.

Other E-mail Account Providers (like Yahoo) won’t let you send more than 500 emails per day.

It should be obvious these limits are placed on individual users to prevent spam.

Of course, if you’re a legitimate email marketer, this isn’t something you have to worry about, as you would never use your individual e-mail account to send to your list!

Instead, you would use a service provider, like AWeber, to maintain and broadcast to your list.

Using a service provider:

  • is inexpensive
  • is easy
  • keeps you complient
  • generates maximum deliverability
  • gets the highest conversions
  • makes you the most money

So… if you’re mailing to your list from your own computer or individual account… STOP!

Get hooked up with a service like AWeber, put a professional face on your email marketing, and start earning what you deserve to earn!

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