Don’t Start Your Emails With Re: Or Fw:

Don't start your emails with these two words...When it come to writing emails, we’re always looking for that one thing that will increase our open rates and engagement.  Recently, that ‘thing’ has been starting off your subject lines with Re: or FW:

Here’s the problem:  Starting off your subject line with Re: is actually a violation of CAN-SPAM rules.  And starting off your subject line with FW: will often get your account suspended with many broadcasting services, like iContact.

Why?  Let’s be honest… Re: and FW: are used to try and trick your subscriber into thinking the email they’re looking at is either a reply to something they previously sent, or something being forwarded from a friend.  It’s a blatant attempt to ‘get in under the radar’ of your readers.

It’s no wonder the broadcasting services are cracking down.

So… what should you do?

Instead of trying to trick your subscribers into opening your emails, give them a real reason to do so.

Write a compelling subject line.  Engage them with consistently good, quality content.  Basically, show your list a lot of love.

If you just do these three things, you won’t have to worry about getting your emails opened.  Your subscribers will jump every time they see your name in their Inbox!

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