How To Get More People To Open Your Emails – Two Easy Tips

How To Get More People To Open Your EmailsOne of the cruelest aspects of email marketing is the fact that it doesn’t matter how good your email is if nobody opens it!

The bottom line is, people need to see your calls to action to respond to them, and they’re not going to see your calls to action if they don’t feel compelled to open your message.

So, how do you get people to click on your emails and increase your open rates?  Here are two easy tips:

1. Keep Your Subject Lines Short

In addition to coming up with witty, engaging subject lines, research has shown a higher percentage of emails are opened when the subject line is between 40-60 characters.

It may not be easy to say what you want to say in such a small amount of space, but it really is an easy way to get more people to open your emails.


2. Make Sure Your Emails Are Coming From You… Not Your Business

Subscribers are more likely to open email coming from a person, rather than a business.  That’s why even large corporations will often send emails ‘directly’ from the CEO, or even create a mascot-type character and have the email come from them.

Email is still considered by many to be a personal form of communication, and we’re conditioned to respond differently when an email comes from a person, rather than a company.  In other words, we’re more likely to open it.

When setting up your email list management account (using a service like AWeber), just make sure its your name in the From section.


Will This Really Make A Difference?

Well, think about it like this… lets say these tips only lead to five more email opens per mailing.  Assuming you send email three or four times per week… that’s an additional 780 people viewing your emails per year.

If your sales conversion rate is just 2%, that means an extra 15 sales per year!

Not bad for two easy-to-implement tips!

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