How To Increase Your Email Open Rate Without Changing One Word Of Your Email!

How To Increase Your Email Open RatesThe number of responses you receive to your email is always based on the number of people who opened your email.

Obviously, Open Rates are impacted by how well you’re treating your list, as well as how compelling your subject line is, but there’s one other factor that dramatically affects Open Rates:

Time of Day Sent!

You want to make sure you’re sending your emails at the best time of day for your list. And EVERY list has a best time of day where a higher percentage of emails are opened.

Remember… more opens = more response!

According to a recent survey:

- 23.63% of all email opens occur within the first hour after delivery
- 9.52% in the 2nd hour (more than 50% dropoff!)
- 6.33% in the 3rd hour
- 4.8% in the 4th hour
- 5 hours after delivery, the results drop more than 90%

How do you figure out the best time of day for your list?


Starting around the 1:00 p.m. local hour (good time for most lists) send out emails at different times of day and keep track of the first-hour Open Rates. You can also test different days of the week.

In AWeber, you can set up a split test where the same email goes to 1/3 of your list at three different times of the day.

After some testing, you should see a definite ideal window for your list emerge where Open Rates are higher than other times of the day.

Doing this doesn’t make the email message itself any better, but a 10% response rate from 150 opens is significantly better than a 10% response rate from 90 opens.

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