How To Use YouTube To Build Your Email List

Use YouTube To Build Your Email ListDid you know that YouTube is one of the best resources you can use to build your email list?

Think about this… YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world.  Every day, millions of people come to YouTube and type a few words in the Search Box.

What if you could leverage the power of YouTube to capture that search traffic, re-direct it to your blog or website, and build your email list?

And, even better, what if you could do it for free?

Well… you can!  And it’s actually very easy to do.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Create your video.  Try to keep it to between 3 and 5 minutes long.
  2. Make sure your video ends with a clear call-to-action.  Ask your viewers to go to your site (preferably a squeeze page you’ve set up just for this video) and sign up for your email list.
  3. Add the URL of the page you’d like them to go to at the bottom of the screen.  You can do this using your video editing software, or just use YouTube’s Annotations feature.
  4. Upload your video to YouTube.  If you don’t have a YouTube account yet, you’ll have to sign up for one first.
  5. During the uploading process, you’ll  have to select a title for your video.  Make sure you include the keyword or phrase you’d like people to use to find your video in the title.
  6. Repeat that keyword or phrase at the very beginning of your description, followed by the URL of your site or squeeze page.
  7. End your description with the URL, as well.
  8. Add relevant tags to the video.  These should include the primary keyword or phrase you’re optimizing for, as well as any second keywords or phrases you think people might use.
  9. Repeat this process as often as possible.

As online momentum builds, you’ll find your video views increasing.  When that happens, you’ll start to notice more traffic coming to your website and, hopefully, signing up for your mailing list.

It’s a relatively simple process that allows you to leverage the enormous popularity of YouTube to build your email list… and your business… for free!

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