STUDY – With Email… Timing Is Everything!

In my Platinum Profit List System digital training, I teach the importance of putting an offer in front of a new mailing list member immediately after they confirm their subscription.  My own research has shown a dramatic impact on both short-term and long-term conversions by doing this. A recent study by eMarketer and Strongmail now proves this further. 54% of those surveyed said being able to set the delivery window of a transactional email increased subscriber engagement.  33% said it increased reveneues. In addtion, one quarter of those surveyed reported a substantial decrease in conversions after six hours or less! [...] Read more »

STUDY: 91% Of Consumers Use Email Daily

A new study from Exact Target has unearthed some really interesting facts about the evolution of email as a communications platform. The study found: 91% of consumers use email daily Email as a personal communication tool is declining Consumers preference to receive permission-based emails has gone UP since 2008! As you can see, even though fewer people are using email for personal conversations, email marketing is still the consumers’ preferred choice for communication from businesses. Read more »

When Is The Best Time Of Day To Send Emails?

There’s no question the time of day you send your emails has a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of your email marketing. We’re all creatures of habit, and there are simply times of day when we’re more likely to open an email we receive.  If you know what that time is, and send your email within that window, you’re more likely to have your email opened.  And the more people who open your emails, the more people will take action. Simple, right? But what IS the best time of day send emails? According to a recent study of over 1 [...] Read more »

STUDY – Email Marketing Still On Top

Even with all of the marketing channels available to businesses today, email marketing still comes out on top when it comes to converting prospects into customers! That’s the finding of a new eMarketer report compiling statistics from both the Direct Marketing Association and the CMO Council. The report finds that the average open rate was up 2.6% this year from 2010, and the click-through rate (CTR) was up 1.1%. Conversion rates were down slightly, but, looking at the study as a whole, this is probably due to the fact that businesses now employ multiple marketing channels and the final decision [...] Read more »