The Easiest (And Most Forgotten) Way To Drive Blog Traffic To Your Email List

Drive blog traffic onto your email listOne of the most effective ways to drive blog visitors onto your email list is also the one we tend to forget… ask people to sign up right in your blog posts!

There are two ways to do this:

1.  Make sure you write a blog post periodically about the benefits of signing up for your mailing list

Never assume your blog readers know you want them to sign up for you list.  Most readers WILL do what you ask them to do, but you have to ask!  Then, end the blog post with a call to action asking them to sign up AND give them clear instructions on how to do so.

This type of blog post should be written often enough so that it always appears on the front page of your blog.  In other words, if you have your blog set to show your ten most recent posts, make sure you write a post like this one out of every ten times.


2. Add a mailing list sign-up call to action to other blog posts periodically

This is important because these are the types of posts most likely to be seen by readers coming to your blog via organic search traffic.  These are the new visitors who probably haven’t heard of you before and it’s imperative to get these new visitors onto your list!

What does this type of call to action look like? Let’s say you write a post about a book you’ve read, and you also provide book recommendations in your email newsletters. In that case, you can say something like,

“if you’d like to have book recommendations like this one sent directly to your Inbox, don’t forget to sign up for my mailing list…”

Add this to your email marketing strategy, and you’re all a lot more names to your mailing list, too!

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