The Top Five Reasons Your Emails Are Being Blocked

It’s incredibly frustrating to work so hard crafting the ‘perfect’ email, only to send it to a legitimate subscriber and have it blocked by their internet service provider.

Even worse, they never know you sent it… and you never know it was block.  Poof!  it just goes away.

Why do emails get blocked… and what can you do about it?  Here are the top five reasons (and solutions):

1. You’re Using Too Many Spam Trigger Words
Words like, ‘sale,’ ‘discount,’ ‘free,’ or, even, ‘now’ are fine by themselves.  If too many of them appear in one email, though, you will be blocked.  Basically, each word has a numeric value attached to it.  When the spam filters scan the email, they add up all of the values.  If your total value exceeds a certain number, you’re blocked.

Solution: Use your email broadcasting service’s spam checker.

2. You’re Sending From A Banned IP Address
This is one you don’t have a lot of control over.  If too many spammers are sending from the same server IP address you’re sending from, it could get that IP address banned.  Again, thanks to guilt by association, you’re banned, too.

Solution: If you find out your IP address is banned, contact your broadcasting service to get on another server… or consider changing broadcasting services since a banned server means that service is letting too many spammers into their system.

3. You Use A Blocked URL In Your Email
Even if you’re not blocked, a URL you’re referring to could be.  And if it is, you become a victim of guilt by association.  The result?  You’re blocked!

Solution: Use your email broadcasting service’s spam checker.

4. You’re Sending To Too Many Invalid Addresses
If you’re not regularly cleaning up your mailing list, the odds are you’re sending emails to a number of addresses that are no longer valid.  If, for example, Hotmail sees that you’ve just tried to send emails to 20 invalid addresses in their system, they’re going to block you from the 200 valid ones, too.

Solution: Watch your bounce reports and clean up your list on a regular basis.

5. Too Many People Clicked The ‘This Is Spam’ Button
One of my biggest pet peeves is when people who don’t want to receive your emails anymore click the ‘This Is Spam’ button, instead of using the unsubscribe links at the bottom of your email.  Even though it’s a convenient way for them to never see your emails again, if too many people on, for example, Yahoo, click that button, Yahoo will eventually block ALL of the emails you send to ALL of Yahoo’s addresses.

Solution: Place your unsubscribe links at the TOP of your email, rather than the bottom

In the end, there are actually a lot of things you can do to avoid your emails being blocked.  Just run through the solutions above BEFORE you have a problem!

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