Three Reasons Your Incentive Gift Has To Rock!

Incentive GiftsYour Incentive Gift (the thing you offer a potential subscriber as a reward for signing up for your mailing list) is one of the most important aspects of your list building system.  It’s critical you make sure the gift is as attractive to your target market as possible.  A solid Incentive Gift can be the difference between a list building system that’s bringing a flood new subscribers into your funnel every day… or just a trickle once in a while.  Here’s why…

1. It’s the Deciding Factor

When a new visitor comes to your website or squeeze page, the Incentive Gift is what sets you apart.  It’s the thing only you can offer.  And, especially in a competitive niche, it will be the thing that potential subscribers bases their decision on.  If the gift is great, they’ll sign up.  If not, they’ll move on.

2. Establishes Authority

The Incentive Gift gives you a fantastic opportunity to showcase your knowledge and expertise on your particular subject.  It gives you the chance to impress your new subscriber.  If you succeed in doing so, they’re going to want to see a lot more of you.  That means, more people opening your emails and buying what you have to offer.

3. Creates Reciprocity

Give you new subscribers your best material.  When you give them something of high value for free, not only will they be more likely to want to see what you give them when they pay you, but they’ll also feel like they owe you a little for all of the great information you’ve shared.


Remember, you only get one shot with the Incentive Gift.  If you fail to impress, the majority of your subscribers will move on.  If you do wow them, however, they’re going to stick with you for a very long time.

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