Three Ways To Optimize Your Email For Mobile

How To Optimize Your Email for MobileStudies have shown more people are now viewing their email on mobile devices than on their computers.  What does this mean for you?  It means you have to make sure your emails are optimized for these mobile devices, as well as desktop and laptop computers.

Because of the wide range of mobile devices out there, there are different optimization rules for each.  However, here are a handful of rules that will work no matter which device your subscriber is using:

1. Reduce width to 550px wide
Although some mobile devices simply reduce your email to the appropriate screen size, other devices will not because they won’t display extremely small font sizes.  An easy way to get around this problem is to reduce the width of your emails to 550 pixels.  You can do this in HTML by reducing the size of your container, or, in plain-text, by using the Enter key to start a new line when you reach 550.  Doing this maximizes your chances for a pleasurable viewing experience.

2. Bigger links and buttons
When a subscriber views your email on their mobile device, they’re usually using their thumb to scroll through hit.  They’ll also use that digit to click on any links.  Problem is, the links are usually too small and the thumb has some trouble pinpointing the link (sort of like smashing your palm on a phone’s keypad and hoping you hit the right number).  To alleviate this problem, make your hyperlink’s font size bigger, or, when you can, use a big, easy-to-hit button graphic.

3. Easy-to-read color palette
A smaller screen makes it hard-to-read color combinations even harder.  White letters on a light background, or dark letters on a dark background will be almost impossible to read on a mobile device.  Obviously, if they can’t read it, they can’t respond to it.  To fix this problem, make sure to use high-contrast color combinations.  Dark text on light backgrounds works best.

If you follow these every time, you’ll see to it that your mobile subscribers have a pleasant viewing experience AND increase your click-thru-rates at the same time.

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