What Is The Most Effective Email Subject Line?

Effective email subject linesHaving an effective email subject line is VERY important.

If you don’t agree with me, think about this…

  • Over 80% of the subscribers who receive your email will NOT open it if the subject line doesn’t compel them to do so
  • If nobody is opening your email, then they’re never seeing the marketing message contained within
  • They’re never clicking on the link to that awesome landing page you’ve created
  • They’re NEVER buying whatever you’re selling.

Think of your subject line as your one chance to hook them.  If you miss, they go away forever.

THAT’S why having an effective email subject line is so important.

Over the years, we’ve tested lots of different email subject lines, and have found the most effective ones are those which lay out the main reason they should open the email by stating exactly what knowledge they’re going to gain by doing so.

We’ve found it more effective when we qualify that benefit with a specific time-frame.

And we’ve found it even more effective when we add when we refer to how they’re going to achieve this benefit.

So, here’s the formula for writing an effective email subject line:

“How To [main benefit] in [time-frame] with [product/service]!”

Some examples:

  • “How To Lose 10 Pounds In Two Weeks With Your Computer!”
  • “How To Potty Train Your Child In Seven Days With The Diapers-No-More System!”

You get the idea.

So, next time you’re writing an e-mail, try this effective email subject line formula out.  Compare your open rates to previous emails.  And let me know how it goes!

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