Why Do People Open My Emails So Many Times?

Why Do People Open My Emails Over and Over

 If you ever look at your email analytics and open rates, you’ll notice there are always some people who seem to open your email over and over again.

The questions is… why?

Are your emails SO good people just have to read them over and over again?

Maybe… but probably not.

In all likelihood, the reason you’re seeing multiple opens is because:

1. Your subscriber is opening your email on multiple devices – office computer, home computer, laptop, mobile device, tablet, etc.

2. Your subscriber forwarded your email to friends and colleagues – since the email is still coded for the original subscriber specifically, each open by a friend or colleague counts as an open for the subscriber.

3. Your subscriber has a preview pane activated in their email program – This is the most likely culprit for opens in the double digits.  Whenever the preview pane shows the first few lines of your email, it counts as an open.

So, what can you do?

Rather than look at the total opens, make sure to check your Unique Opens.  That will tell you how many PEOPLE opened your email at least once, rather than the number of times.

If your email broadcasting service doesn’t show Unique Opens, you may want to look into AWeber.  In my opinion, they’re the gold standard, and the provider I use for all of my list building and email marketing.

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