Why The Gurus Are Struggling

Keep your subscriber relationships intactNot too long ago, selling on the internet was easy.  You could mail to your list, have a few friends mail to their lists for you, and you were well on your way to a six or seven-figure product launch.

Now, however, those launches are rare.  The gurus are struggling and their lists aren’t pulling the way they used to.


Because they burned their list!  They didn’t take care of their subscribers!

There are two schools of thought in list building and email marketing.  The first says list building is a numbers game.  Build as big a list as you possibly can and play the percentages.  Get as much as you can out of that list in as short a period of time as possible.

In other words, screw your subscribers.  Just make money.

The second school of thought says list building is all about the relationships.  It says you don’t need a huge list to do huge numbers if your small list knows you care about them.  If they know you’re not going to recommend any crappy product that crosses your path, they’re much more likely to listen and take action when you do recommend something.

If you take care of your list, your list will take care of you.

Like any good, quality relationship, it takes time.  It takes nurturing.  But if you do it right… if you do it consistently… you can have a list of just a few hundred people, and that list will deliver big numbers for you for months and years to come.

In good times and bad, your list will continue to thrive because it’s not filled with spur-of-the-moment, get rich quick types.  It’s filled with quality subscribers who respect you and know you respect them.

In the end, which path you follow is up to you.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s a no-brainer.

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