Why Your Email Open Rates May Not Be As Low As You Think

Increase Email Open RatesIf you’ve noticed a decline in your email open rates, you’re probably not alone.  Many email marketers have been reporting the same trend.

Does this mean email marketing is becoming less viable?  No.

It probably means advances in technology have made it more difficult to get an accurate email open rate!

Mailing list service providers do not actually measure the number of people who open your email.  They measure the number of people who open your email AND download the images you inserted.

The problem is, several email programs, like Outlook, don’t download images into the email automatically.  Outlook users have to undertake an additional step to do that.  And unless they have a compelling reason, most Outlook users fail to do so.

The same problem occurs with some other email providers, like GMail, as well as anyone reading your email on their mobile device.

Some industry estimates actually put the number of people opening your emails anywhere from 30-50% higher than the reported amount!

So, what can you do to get a more accurate number?  Place an image in your email your readers MUST see!

For example, add an infographic to your email and then refer to it in your copy.  You can even put in a line like, ‘if you can’t see the image, select the ‘show images‘ button in your email program.’

Also, remember Open Rates are just one metric.  Click Thru Rates (CTR) and the other analytical information available will give you a more complete picture of the effectiveness of your email marketing.

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